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If You're Not VEXED There might be something wrong with you. Just saying.

Welcome to the new Blog on the new site in the new era! If this goes live as planned it'll still be September and we will still be in a strange time in our world.

Here at Studio Vexer we (I, really. Just I most of the time. Until I need graphic design then it's WE) are amped to bring the world the funk and the antagonistic mischief you might be used to from me. The practices is going harder and more earnestly to produce more self driven comics content and products, to tell the stories of people like you and I when we have those WTF moments and to share a little levity with things like cards and posters and prints.

The plan is to grow and develop past my own navel gazing and hire former students to get their careers off the schnide while helping to get cool products to your hands and eyeballs. The plan is to earn enough scratch to get a home for the "Studio..." so I don't aggravate my dear fiance. It's a mighty risk at this stage in the game but as we say in the neighborhood, "Scared money don't make none."

I'll need all the feedback that I can get from as many of you as I can get to help put stuff out that YOU want to look at instead of me constantly drawing zombies, monkeys, robot horses and hot young thangs. Definitely contact me and ask for commissioned work for things like greeting cards, sketches, personal mini comics all made to order.

Don't assume you can't afford our work! We can do work for all types of budgets.

Check back here for semi-coherent rants and updates on new projects and events. Speaking of new stuff... The next comic project to come out from Studio Vexer is "A Come Up", a coming of age story in the near future that looks at situations in our world from the point of view of a strong-minded young man and his best friend, a giant. Due in my hot lil hands on October 2nd just in time for Open Studios season here in Beantown. You can also follow me on Patreon to get up to date images, rewards and behind the scenes shenanigans.

Until then my peeps!

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