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Thank You, You Strange People.

I sometimes wonder what its like to be you. You other people. I understand that we are all connected and “all alike in the ways that count the most”, but I wonder what it’s like to be someone other than me. Not through empathy or imagination or anything like that, (this is not about Solipsism :(i/ˈsɒlɨpsɪzəm/; from Latin solus, meaning "alone", and ipse, meaning "self")[1] is the philosophical idea that only one's own mind is sure to exist.). I’m sure you all exist, otherwise I’d go around naked jaywalking. I wonder what its like to wake up in a body that is totally different. More specifically, I wonder how you all get through your days and lifetimes.

I only know what its like to be me. I have intimate knowledge of my own self. I’m obsessive about knowing the nooks and crannies of my mind and my body and the function of my being. Navel gazing on level ten. I got that shit on lock. If I did it, said it, or thought it, I can trace it back to the hows and whys in physiology and mentality.

You folks are a whole other thing.

Spending time with people helps a lot. Through conversation little pieces of you start to reveal themselves and a picture of who you really are congeals. The mask of of social politics that we wear breaks down when we interact face to face over time. We read body language and feel unseen energy. We process long engrained habits of social behavior and make binary decisions about whether to chill or to flex and be out. We’ve done this as our chief evolutionary tool for millennia. Spending time patiently waiting on each other to reveal ourselves or to flake is how we form bonds and groups.

It seems like we have less and less time to spend with each other. We have bonds that begin with people from summer jobs or from college courses or trips abroad that start strong and seem promising but never hit the crucial point that those bonds need to in order to tie us together. Other bonds do form and become unbreakable but time and space divide us long enough for them to diminish or simply be replaced by others.

The good feelings I get from the support that people show me mean so much to me. I see them as openings to bond with more people. I love not only connecting with folks but also connecting those peeps with other cool people they need to know. I naively believe that a large enough group of likeminded people can make positive, progressive changes in the world.

That is the reason my work is narrative and figurative. I am an unrepentant people watcher. I study the way we interact and behave and then my brain synthesizes it and spits out scenarios from your bits and pieces. That’s why comics and animation is the most sensible format for me to work in. The new obsession in terms of form is “Productive Fiction”. That’s just make-believe- usually played out in a public way.

So when you see me doing krazy shit like the “Subshop” or “Vexer University” , that seem more like social experiments, well yeah. It’s because I’m trying to get you to spend more time with me so I can figure more of you out. I have access to a space for a while. I’m hoping to expand the types of things we can do together and I can do for us all. Look for pop up exhibits, performance art, productive fiction, puppets, technology experiments, art lessons and who knows what else as long as the lights stay on.

Thanks for holding me down and digging my brand of cray cray.

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