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  • Barrington "Professor Vexer" Edwards

So, let me catch you up.

I haven't sat down to write anything here in so long that it's embarrassing. We have so many resources for communication nowadays that it's overwhelming; email, social media platforms a through z, websites, blogs... I won't mention my "best intentions" or make excuses because I'm here to catch you up. The fact is many of you got directed here from another platform anyway.

In the interest of sharing the things I love and trying my best to keep folks in the loop about what I'm doing and the cool things going on around us here is a list of recent projects that have kept me super busy and a list of upcoming and ongoing things that might be of interest that have sucked me in.

I traveled to...

a) SERC at Policy Link in Chicago last spring with the Design Studio for Social Intervention where we set up a truly transformative new model for dealing with #socialemergencis that includes everything an individual can bring to problem solving.

b) East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention with my brother in arms, Cagen Luse of "Lunchtime Comix" and 950designs where we tabled and showed our work in a venue full of glorious and expressive black geekdom.

I produced art for...

1) Box of Bones; a horror anthology spearheaded by comics dynamo John Jennings. My contribution was 30 pages of story and art taking place on a slaveship...

2) Jagunfly; an ongoing illustration project for what promises to be a genre breaking, paradigm shifting work of beauty by my friends at Beyond Measure Production and directed by John ADEkoje

3) Oscar Dunn: I bid with a package of sample artwork for what promises to be an engrossing, complex look into African American history and politics set in beautiful Louisiana during Reconstruction.


1) Cagen and I co founded Comics in Color, a monthly meeting group of and for people of color that presents and discusses the work in comics by and pertaining to people of color. Our 7th monthly session is coming up and we keep getting more press and more attendance. The workshops and guest speakers are hugely popular with folks who attend. In October we will be joining the Boston Book Festival and offering a mini-con featuring works by folks of color.

2) I'll be speaking on a panel at Boston's African American History Museum's symposium on Afrofuturism on Friday Sept 21st and leading a workshop there on Saturday the 22nd. The workshop title is, "Rendering the Future; Conceptual and Technical Methods"

3) Attending the lecture at Harvard University's Radcliffe Institute by Scott McCloud on September 25th

4) I remain very active with The Boston Comics Roundtable with whom I'm curating the art exhibit for M.I.C.E. (the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo) in October and opening on the October 5th with a reception on the 11th

5) ...and, Just added: The Black Speculative Arts Movement is coming to Boston in the Spring of 2019. Our schedule is at,

So now that your'e all caught up and my conscience is clear, ( I've been meaning to do this for a a long time!) I NEED TO GO PAINT!!!! We have a Comics in Color session happening today 1t 2 pm in Grove Hall and I still haven't seen Iron Fist; Season two yet!!!

Remember to check out for new apparel designs and for comics by Studiovexer.

If you know of any aspiring young artists looking for training and opportunities to gain professional experience I'm glad to review portfolios.

Till next time, STAY VEXED.

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