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Civil dissolution CONCEPT

Based on current socio-political climate and projecting forward along the present vector of behavioral patterns among individuals, leaders, groups and communities a shift in the function of federal government seems inevitable. The current and longstanding thoughts among noted social scientists point to the imminent emergence of city state’s functioning autonomously from federal control or dependency ( ). As wealthy states and cities such as California and New York City amass great power and question the need for federal connections( ) how will the relationships between the national government and state governments change? As politicians and national leaders push responsibilities for the care of citizens onto the states (

And... how will they rationalize allegiance to a national government? If the trend of migration to “red states “ and “blue states” continue to swell the coastal cities and regions and galvanize voting blocks, political ideologies, and resentment of opposing ideas ( ) when will the critical point of unreconcilable differences be reached? If armed militias continue to show up in protest of state and local authorities ( and... ) what responses will be taken as they grow bolder and force their agendas on the public through fear?

What would it take to break the Union? An economic collapse(? The New York TimesWeb resultsWhy the Global Recession Could Last a Long Time )? A political coup? (Washington PostTrump called impeachment a 'coup.' Here's why past U.S. officials have avoided the word. ) ? A gradual weakening of the government’s authority? What if it all happened at the same time? Capped off with a monumental and unprecedented failure of the executive branch and a perpetually deadlocked legislative branch? Could this system of government last? Add in intrusive and invasive interference and subterfuge by other world powers. How does a diverse and heterogeneous nation with fractures in its identity heal and unite from this?

A post from 2020; pre-fracture

To the brave,

We see you. We hear your defiance. We recognize your bravery in the face of obvious peril. We know you are much accustomed to danger and you refuse to give in to fear. We see you. You will not be traumatized or cowed by the facts or glut of evidence. Your courage is not in question. No media or agency can confront you with facts or data. Your brave face is unassailable. You challenge conventional wisdom until it looks like dissonance. The conviction of your beliefs will not be tested by any cries of distant tragedy. It was the rebellious essence in your red blood that fueled the spirit that built the great nation and made it greater by generations. If thousands should have to fall to pay the cost of your life and liberty however briefly lived so let it be. Let the die roll and the chance be the cost of fortune and to the last wheeze of breath escaping from your lungs we will know you were the brave, the reckless, the free and unhindered.

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