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For all the Fence sitters

Half ass /Square Up

Half these people are halfway assholes half the time

The other half are just half ass watching trash to pass the time.

Halfway assholishness

grudgingly holding shit

Crossing their arms until things unfold and shit

Hits the fan with alarming concussions

Hits the internet super posted by Russians



Hopelessly looking for someone else to blame

Very fine people or so they all claim

They go to church and praise his name

But still won’t say his name

Or her name

Much less THEY/THEIR/THEM names

And never say them together

Never chant them or sing them or post them or gather

Together to kneel and feel

acknowledge that wrong is wrong still see?

Same as it ever was and always will be

Half these half time assholes pick and choose when to stand up

and when to get get down

When to throw their hands up

Half the time half their ass is full of shit

The other half is just gassy

So they pass gas on streams to pass time til their teams come back to the grassy


Now they claim they see why Caepernick kneels

But Cap works,

been working

not halfway at half time like half ass assholish

Halfwits looking for memes and punchlines

Talking points for pundits

Social media masturbation

A big half ass circle jerk

encircling the nation


Real work like feeding


Teaching people

Taking shots and bleeding

Money where your mouth is

work for people

Like the three quarter people

or the four fifth people

Not totally perfect

but far from evil

type of people

Folks who know when to get off the train

Or step in front of the bully

Who may not take the bullet

Never feel the danger fully

But they can feel the heat you feel

Because they are standing right beside you

They take the wheel when you can’t

Without trying to guide you

That’s not half ass

That’s real ass all day

John Brown at Harpers’ Ferry breaking the back of slavery in the modern day

The “your agenda is my agenda homie,

Go head and lead the way.”

Not half ass like spell checking


Your slogan and your mantra

Like eating at your kitchen table

Trying to school your mamma

Halfway half ass assholes

Can eat a whole bag of bricks

Then swallow broken teeth

And take a half ass shit.

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