Services available include...


IWe have lots of experiences and skills across a spectrum of art based areas. Put us to work for you. If you have an idea, chances are that we can make it happen.

Freelance comics art and illustration

I love to illustrate sequential art! I love it because it challenges me to get into someone's head and sort through the ideas and bring clarity to their visions. I work in three stages; initial consultation to get the process and ideas going. This puts us on the same page. Then the development and concept art begins. This is where we can refine ideas and troubleshoot the designs and the look. This can be done in person or over the phone and or internet. Lastly I reserve the bulk of the time to execute the imagery and do final renderinings. Any changes after the final renderings are done that might be due to be miscommunication or changes of direction can be renegotiated. 

Meeting Facilitation and Event Planning

Studio Vexer employs seasoned teachers and young artist skilled in leading conversations aided by visuals and graphics. Let us create the visual communication set up that best fits your needs to get your ideas across to your group while you present.

We offer live illustration and note-taking, storyboards and motion graphics and other forms of instructional design such as illustrated manuals and infographics to help cue people to your ideas and plans. Contact us to find availability and plan your consultation.

Logo design

 Barrington and associates can consult with you to flesh out your corporate identity package and branding starting from your logo. If you have an image based logo in mind we can create vector art that will fit all of your signage, merchandise and communications formats.

We are made up of a wide network of collaborating designers with specific skills and specialities. Whether you want something traditional or something digital and ready for electronic media we can accomodate you. 

 Fine Art Instruction

Whether it is a long postponed personal goal or a one time private event let Studio Vexer's trained artists develop a fun and rewarding set of instruction, workshops or demonstrations for you. 

We can teach everything from basic drawing to experimental art-making techniques. We have the expertise to teach several media and materials. 

Let Studio Vexer set up your life drawing session or your paint night

for you from begining to end. We specialize in creating lively entertaining learning situations anywhere, anytime. Call us up to talk about your next birthday or special occassion.