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Social Practice Work


The organization DS4Si is a boston based design firm that works to develop social interventions and social practice. The SERC or Social Emergency Response Center, is a productive fiction in which participants make real the idea that we need protocols to help communities and citizens address social emergencies when they arise.

The Effigy Beast Project

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This is a photo from the Effigy Beast Project, 2015. It is documented on:

This Mini Comic was used both to show the simple process of making a one page mini comic and also to explain the design and function of DS4Si's "SERC" model.

Bowdoin Geneva commuter rail stop

Here is a set of concept sketches developed to illustrate an idea for a celebration of the Boston Foundation's Centenial and the lighting up of the neighborhoods in the dorchester area.


Studio Vexer consults with groups, guides ideation and develops ideas ffor special events and celebrations. 

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