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We are pleased to present several print projects for you to read, collect and share.

We ship merchandise in the continental U.S. and Canada.

Please add $4.00 to your purchase price when ordering through PayPal.


We can arrange personal delivery for orders over $50.00 within the greater Boston Area based on schedule availability. 


We host several events and meet-ups in and around the Boston area for easy pick up and purchasing of merchandise.


See the upcoming events posted on the homepage for our next adventures. 

A Come Up #1

$7.00 us

+$4.00 shipping

The first issue of the full color comic project from Studio Vexer. It's a coming of age story in a near future from the point of view of a strongheaded young artist and his best friend, a giant. 

The Legend of Dr Yakoob


+$4.00 shipping

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The Lords of Shaolin Island

price varies by size and quantitiy

This is a series of posters featuring the personas of the famous Staten Island legends.


Available soon

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Barringon Edwards has an ongoing fundraising campaign going on in order to raise funds for a new space. That effort is chiefly underway on 

Patrons recieve gifts for their patronage.


If you would like to find out more please visit there


Or if you would like to support the efforts with a one time donation you can make a donation through PayPal here...  

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This is a one shot 60 page story chronicling the first serial killer in human history. It is based on the concepts of marginalization, neglect and fear of the other. It takes place in the days of early human history.

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The Four Seasons of Hip Hop

This work is designed to hang in one long 12 panel piece, in four season / element panels or in individual panels. It is also available as a calendar.


Available soon

contact the Studio for print options

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