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Taurean Rising

I'll be 45 in a couple weeks. That's a huge deal for me but I'm trying to keep that cool. That said, I want to have this party that shows where I am now. I'm lucky to have a couple great friends that are also Tauruses ( I know very little about astrology but it's fun to bond over trivial things sometimes). We all work around similar themes from different orientations and want to explore the overlaps within the frame of Afrofuturism.

Nahdra Ra Kiros is a phenomenal fashion designer who I see as a story teller and world builder. Much of my current storyline in "A Come Up" is based on her aesthetic. I'm excited for this collaborative effort. We'll see what kind of funky futuristic soul she comes up with for me to play with.

Pelaiah Auset is a dynamic vocal and musical mind trapped in a human form that belies her powerful voice and energy. She has soul and control over audiences that is unrivaled. Working with her bestie Nahdra and myself to explore the Afrofuturistic themes and possibilities is pushing her to some exciting new places.

We are encouraging the audience to come out and be participators in the live action comic art that I am setting up. Come and cosplay your vision of the future. Get photographed and recorded in the scenes I make life size. The themes of the installation are refuge and social constriction. How do you fit into a society that rejects you or ignores you?

We are once again at one of my favorite spots Paris Street Gallery. My compadre Alvin "ACOMA" Colon has created an artistic Haven in the industrial nook of 101 Paris Street, Everett MA. Come see what he has going there.

We start at 8 and go til 12:00. We get to the interactive art session a bit earlier for those coming in costume or wanting to make art live so if you're down for that call me and we start at 7:30 ish.

Hope to see lots of you there. If I can hook it up we may have video or a Ustream live cast.

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